"...it’s extremely sui generis, emanating a distinctive sonic quality unlike anything else. Yet at the same time, there’s an elusive familiarity to it, providing it with a mainstream flavor that separates it from the usual cacophony of experimental rock."
- Randy Radic, Huffington Post
"...unique and compelling, just the right sort of slightly uncomfortable listening."
- Andy, Scene Point Blank
"This band has shown genius-levels of innovation & ideas, and their level of execution mixes flawless with perfection every single damn time. Another album, another triumph for this crew, as I’d have expected."
- Jeremy Gladstone, Sleeping Bag Studios
"Jack of None sounds like an on-coming techno storm -- one which will level current trends and usher in a whole new brutal scene."
- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture
"Who Shot Bukowski simply captivated and thrilled from its first moment in speakers and ears, and indeed has only tightened its lure and grip ever since."
- RingMaster Review
"There is a lot to discover here. The more time you invest into this album, the more it gives back."
- Bite Me! Music + Fashion